This website could only be made by someone like me - a father to a 3rd grader, with a routine of preparing her every week for her spelling test.

I knew I couldn't disappoint myself. If there is a technological solution that could replace me and save me those precious 10 minutes every week - I am the one to find it. And if it couldn't be found - I will make it.

I thought it's a matter of two-three months.

But like many projects - you know how it starts, but you don't quite know how it ends…

As work was in progress, I realized I should add some typing practice too. And games. And word lists. And I found there are much more English words than I initially thought. And that it isn't enough to record only the popular and easy words, because teachers often have the habit of picking rare and challenging words.

Now, after 8 months of programming, testing, and mostly staying up all those nights clipping and editing thousands of words - I can finally sit back and enjoy another cup of coffee every week. And every sip is worth it.

My name is Barak Sofer and I'm a website developer. I own this website as well as free-training-tutorial.com - an education portal. I grow with my kids and create online learning materials that suit them and other students around the world…

I tried to keep this website simple as possible, making it practical and an easy-to-use learning tool for teachers, parents and students.

Do you have any feedback? Questions? Suggestions?
You are welcome to send me an email to [email protected].

I wish you all a successful and fruitful school year!



Almost two years have past, and my daughter insists I mention that she isn't in third grade anymore, she's now in fifth. So here, I'm mentioning it.

My Team

Did you hear that magnificent, deep, clear voice of the words in this website? Well, that's not me - the voiceover was performed and engineered by two very talented VO artists:

Dinesh Alvis has a true passion for the written and spoken word. This was the focus of his higher education which led him to a 12 year career in broadcasting.
Eventually, he came out on his own with the help of his wife and son and created https://www.thevoicechameleon.com/ providing voice talent and audio engineering services for clients on 6 continents, as well as a better life for his family and his 6 rescued dogs and cats.

Jim Kulakowski - For more information about him, please visit http://jimkulakowski.com .

The numerous spelling lists were composed by Andrea Caputo. Andrea is a second grade teacher in New Jersey. Language Arts, including a strong Word Study program, is part of her Balanced Literacy program in her district.